Claudia Withers
Chief Operating Officer, Civil Rights Corps

“Dragonfly helped Civil Rights Corps develop its first-ever strategic plan—in a way that appreciated and supported our culture as an organization, and during a pandemic. We liked that our consultants had themselves been organizers who worked with grassroots groups. They were creative, thorough, flexible, and persistent. Oh, and did I say patient?” 

Ilyse Hogue
Former President, NARAL Pro-Choice America

“As President of NARAL, my biggest challenge was knowing when to build towards consensus and when to lead. I had a lot of stakeholders to invest in a vision of forward progress and impact! The Dragonfly team proved indispensable in building a strategy to allow for authentic feedback and iteration on a vision while not succumbing to inertia. When our process ran into conflict, they supported conflict resolution. They were always supportive of my position and vision but not afraid to call me on my own missteps. Succinctly, my relationship with Dragonfly made me a better leader and NARAL a more impact-driven and equitable organization.” 

Annie Leonard
Co-Executive Director, Greenpeace US

“Dragonfly's work has been invaluable for Greenpeace. They listen, they guide, and they speak the truth with a coherence and compassion that enabled us to see ourselves and the work we need to do more clearly than we had before. I especially appreciated how they engaged us in new ways of being together and both challenged and inspired us to aim higher for each other, for our organization and for the world we seek to build. We're now often quoting them when we face both challenges and breakthroughs—‘this is the work.’”

Katie Barnett
Development Director, Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project

“Dragonfly Partners moved our work forward in so many ways, from getting our Management Team 'unstuck' at critical decision points, to supporting us to proudly articulate our values as a racial justice organization, to deepening our white team members’ understanding of their own relationships to white supremacy.”

Brian Lang
Director of Healthy Food Access Programs, The Food Trust

“My biggest fear about the equity focused team retreat we organized with Dragonfly was that the day would 'come off the rails' and that people would leave the session feeling worse than when we started. Talking about how race applies to team dynamics is something that many struggle with and puts everyone on edge. I was really worried that it would do more harm than good. Our consultant helped all of us negotiate that tension with her peaceful and thoughtful manner, and with a number of facilitation techniques (caucusing, personal reflection, well-considered advance reading) that helped everyone through the process. After working with Dragonfly, both I and my team members had a renewed commitment to advancing the equity agenda of our work, and a deeper level of respect for one another that hinged on our embrace of the unique roles we play at The Food Trust as leaders, thinkers, doers, decision makers and people.”

Stefanie Fox
Executive Director, Jewish Voice for Peace

“Working with Dragonfly Partners was incredibly transformative for our organization as a whole. We were in a challenging and stuck place when we started working with Amadee and Sara, and they brought phenomenal skill to help us navigate to a different place. They are true geniuses at facilitation, creating innovative processes and asking the precisely-right questions to break open communication and connection where it feels impossible. They also brought a huge depth and breadth of knowledge in organizational development so that they could offer different frameworks as the process deepened. Throughout, their overall approach supported us as an organization to discover our own solutions, building lasting skills and practices rather than offering one-time or short-term fixes. Working with Dragonfly Partners helped us free up communication, clarify our vision, and strengthen our trust so that we are much better equipped to proceed with the ongoing, never-concluding work of pursuing racial justice inside and outside of our organization.” 

Coaching Client
Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity

“Coming into leadership coaching with Dragonfly, my biggest fear was revealing my vulnerabilities in a work-adjacent setting. As a woman of color, being careful to always seem in-control, to stay two steps ahead of any possible illusions of incompetency, is such an innate piece of work-place self-preservation that I was not sure I was going to be able to be truly honest about the things I knew I needed to learn. My fear of being judged for the things I didn’t yet know was hindering my ability to grow. She understood those fears without my having to painstakingly articulate them because she knew them herself. I was able to ask questions without qualification and know that we would work through the answers together. Because of my experience, I’ve come to value growth over all else.”

Levana Layendecker
Coaching Client

“I was going through a job transition and I didn't really know where I wanted to go next. I was at a career plateau and I needed help figuring out how to make a plan for the next steps. Rebecca really helped me to think it through and to prioritize what was important to me, authentic to my personality, and true to my values. Then we came up with a plan together to move forward. Honestly, in the middle of pandemic, it was a tough time, and I don't think I could have done without Rebecca there to listen to me, help me to sort through my thoughts and feelings, and come up with a strategy that will work for me. I am so grateful for that help and I would recommend Dragonfly to anyone in the progressive sphere who is going through a career transition.”