Good News

We're glad to share good news from our work with clients, because who couldn't use good news these days.

Dragonfly collaboration with Mariame Kaba

In partnership with Mariame Kaba and Interrupting Criminalization, we developed a framework for conflict transformation in movement-building groups called In It Together. Explore the tools and resources that support the use of human-centered, non-punitive accountability practices in movement spaces.

Our very own Rebecca Subar publishes a new book

Rebecca Subar's book, When to Talk and When to Fight: The Strategic Choice between Dialogue and Resistance (PM Press, 2021), is a brilliant new way of talking about how we change the world. The book echoes Dragonfly's approach to changemaking. Graphics by Dragonfly colleague Rosi Greenberg.

After Record-Breaking Petitions, is Giving $5.5 Million to Black-Led Groups

Our work is mentioned in this Inside Philanthropy story: “After Record-Breaking Petitions, is Giving $5.5 Million to Black-Led Groups.”