Our Core Practices

Power as a Lens

We pay attention to the ways that power relations in our society enter our movements, organizations and meetings.


Liberatory Practice, Anti-Racism, and Intersectionality

In all of our work, we center leadership from those who bring a deep familiarity and experience with systems of oppression. We support those who enter the process from places of social privilege with love, accountability, and patience. We seek ways to name and disrupt white supremacy specifically because we believe it to be at the root of many forms of injustice. We actively support BIPOC leadership in organizations that are led by and for BIPOC and in multi-racial organizations. We develop active allyship of white change-makers. We see all systems of oppression as pervasive and interconnected and, whenever possible, we help our clients to see intersectionality in their work.


Leadership at All Levels

We work with formal organizational leaders, whose active, personal engagement is critical to change taking root in the culture. We also seek out informal leaders at all levels in the organizational hierarchy as informants and active participants in helping shape our collaboration.


Transformational Practices

We are process-oriented, and are as interested in how people do their work as we are in what work they do. We believe that an intentional and inclusive process can transform organizational practice.



We seek out what is working well, what is good and true and beautiful in individuals and their organizations because this can serve as the foundation for the brave, transformative work that we do together.



Change is messy. Our work with clients will never be perfect, and we will discourage you from trying to make it perfect. We want you to have goals you can achieve and that inspire you to build even more power and a clearer vision.


Sandra's painting
“Sandra,” Barbary Cook, 2021

We Dragonflies
By Aarati Kasturirangan

We remember
the dark murky waters 
of our early days as nymphs,
the life of “eat or be eaten” 
on the carcass-laden floor 
at the bottom of all things. 
We remember the gills!
Filtering of truth from mud.
Years passed. We listened, 
we labored, we loved,
and we learned 
We shed old selves,
Over and over again.
Grew in spurts, 
then hardened.
We climbed
toward the sun
And cracked open 
the body armor familiar.
We remember 
the pain of growth
the passing of time
The powerful process
Of becoming flight.
Two thousand and three lenses 
Digest a complex dance.
Our multi-hued wings beat
a delighted, insistent cadence. 
The root, the stem, the flower and justice.