About Us

Dragonfly Partners helps changemakers—both inside and outside the political system—get “unstuck” and work through strategic, organizational or interpersonal challenges.

Based in Philadelphia and with team members around the country, Dragonfly Partners is a multiracial consulting team serving organizations that are part of the social justice movement ecosystem in our hometown, nationally, and globally. Our clients are community organizers, advocacy groups, foundations, universities, faith-based organizations, government agencies, labor unions, coalitions, media makers, arts and culture organizations, and others engaged in work for social and political change.

We are named for the dragonfly, who migrates across borders and whose eyes can see in many directions at once. As a team, we bring a multitude of perspectives to our work with our clients.


Our Experience

We are activists, organizers, former executive directors, artists, healers, and systems thinkers who bring complementary knowledge and experience from the fields of advocacy and policy, social change theory, organizational development, conflict management, peacebuilding, social work, psychology, and resource mobilizing/fundraising strategy. We are a thought partner with expertise, not a pair of hands.


Our Group Norms

  • We are whole people.
  • We invite and expect self-keeping.
  • We have structured meetings that allow for emergence and progress.
  • We name and share power in the group.
  • We acknowledge our impact on each other.
  • We believe process, conflict, and time for reflection lead to strong decision-making and consensus.
  • We hold the group with care, humor, grace, and a spirit of generosity.