Our Theory of Change

A theory of change tells a story of how a desired change is expected to happen.
Our theory of change goes like this:

  • We help client-partners transform their internal cultures and structures to build effective social change strategies.
  • We support client-partners to build effective values-aligned theories of change and campaigns.
  • We invite individuals to step into this work with us as partners, because we believe they should be agents and protagonists in the process.
  • We also do our own internal work to ensure we are living into our values.
  • This is how we contribute to a courageous, resilient, and effective multiracial, cross-class, multi-issue social justice movement ecosystem with the power to build toward collective liberation, centering the lead of gender-oppressed BIPOC.

Here’s a visualization of our theory of change:

  • Medium green dot Our Actions
  • Light green dot How We Do it

To understand how we apply our experience to make these changes, please visit our Services page.