Jacqueline McLemore

Jacqueline McLemore headshot

Associate Consultant


Jacquie is a consultant and coach with over thirty years’ experience in working with organizations in areas that support them making key strategic and relational changes. Jacquie’s interest in supporting change in individuals, groups, communities, organizations and systems is rooted in her family’s participation in the historically significant African American migration from south to north. In her family, the move was from Mississippi to Ohio.

Jacquie closely observed the desire for change in her family, schools and broader communities. Her curiosity led her to study social work, organizational behavior, change management, and Gestalt approaches to systems, groups, and coaching. Jacquie has a Master of Science in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and a PhD in Organizational Behavior from Case Western Reserve University.

She has held staff, manager and leadership roles in manufacturing, higher education and non-profit organizations as well as leadership and member roles in community organizations. Jacquie’s facilitation work includes multi-location, multi-stakeholder meetings, leadership retreats, community engagement sessions, as well as team capacity building meetings.

Jacquie has three children, eight grandchildren, and a high energy, rescued Catahoula Coonhound. She recently made a transition from northeast Ohio back to the Charleston, South Carolina area.