Aarati Kasturirangan

headshot of Aarati Kasturirangan with a turquoise shirt

Partner, Core Consultant

Aarati (pronounced Arthi) works with white and BIPOC changemakers to transform internal culture and structures and build effective, values-aligned strategies for change.

Aarati believes that change happens when we define the problem, identify skills and talents we can build on, and surface assumptions and values that drive us. She recognizes that people need help moving through the fears and conflicts that inevitably accompany honest self-exploration.

Over the past 22 years, Aarati has been shaped by her experiences organizing with other women of color as part of Incite! Women and Trans People Against Violence and for climate justice with 350.org, her mid-career experience as a stay-at-home mom, her training in strategic planning with the American Friends Service Committee, and her experiences as a grantmaker at Bread & Roses Community Fund in Philadelphia. Aarati’s experience has allowed her to make significant contributions to individual and community healing, solidarity-building, wealth redistribution, and strategic planning in support of community-led efforts to make change. 

Aarati holds a doctoral degree in Community & Prevention Research in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. 

Aarati is a dominant caste, dark-skinned, class privileged, Indian-American, immigrant, straight, cis-gendered mother of two who loves to grab an idea from the air and shape it into words that spark giggles, a tear, or a gentle sigh.