Noah T. Winer

Noah T. Winer headshot

Senior Partner


Noah is an organizer, facilitator, and coach who supports movement leaders to have difficult strategic conversations, equips teams to pivot in shifting political terrain, and guides organizations to develop a transparent and accountable work culture.

Noah believes underlying organizational structures often lead us to succeed wildly or fail miserably. He asks incisive questions to get leaders looking at their work in new ways.

Noah was a founding campaign strategist at MoveOn. He directed the digital team at Greenpeace India. He has organized with other white people to uproot white supremacy, with other cisgender men to end heteropatriarchy, with other Jews for Palestinian and Jewish liberation, and in a cross-class, multiracial organization for health care as a human right.

He was raised on a solar homestead on Penobscot land (rural Maine) in a family passionate about transforming the world. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Amherst College, learned how the world works in Philadelphia, and recently moved to Nonotuck land (Northampton, Massachusetts) with his partner and two kids.